The process of developing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) includes several steps, which are all designed to encourage input from the public. Information gathered during the EIS process will be used to understand public concerns, inform the environmental analysis and refine the project.

Revised Draft EIS Public Involvement

The U.S. Air Force accepted comments on the Revised Draft EIS during a 60-day review period, which ended on December 15, 2015 (ChST)/December 14, 2015 (EST). Citizens; elected officials; special interest groups; and local, state, and Federal agencies were encouraged to reivew and provide comments on the Revised Draft EIS. Two Revised Draft EIS public meetings were held, one in Saipan on November 4, 2015 and one in Tinian on November 5, 2015.  USAF representatives were available to provide information and answer questions about the Revised Draft EIS, and comments were accepted at the meetings.  To view the information available at the meetings, please go to the Documents page of this website.

Divert EIS Prior Public Outreach

Public Scoping Period - 2011

The public scoping period was used to define the scope of issues to be addressed in the EIS. During this time, the public was encouraged to attend Public Scoping Meetings and submit comments/concerns on the Proposed Action and alternatives. For more information on Public Scoping, please see the Public Scoping Fact Sheet. The public scoping period occurred from September 27, 2011 through November 10, 2011. 

2012 Draft EIS Public Review Period- 2012

Following the release of the Draft EIS, there is a 45-day public review period used to identify potential environmental impacts of the Proposed Action and alternatives. During this time, the public is encouraged to attend Public Hearings, review the Draft EIS, and submit comments/concerns on Draft EIS.
The public review period occurred for 45 days beginning June 8, 2012 and ending July 23, 2012.